Monday, 30 November 2009

good quote from graff london regarding the sentencing of 6 writers

Knockturnal Kniggins, Chief Operating Officer at GraffLondon said:

I wish them all the best. How can we take this authority seriously when there are non violent young men being sent into prison with murderers and vicious other criminals. Their crimes were non violent and victim-less yet they are being sent to prison longer than rapists, pedophiles, people carrying knives and all other sorts of scum that are a disease to this once great city.
Painting graffiti on trains is wrong, and should be illegal, however, prison does not work and thats a fact. A criminal collage which is not the place for these gents.

Have they forgotten about the young graffiti artist who took his life while inside not so long ago? 

The justice system continues to be a joke.

I hope all responsible individuals involved in this have as much trouble sleeping as the 6 will in their new homes.

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